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Comedian Ralphie May was busted for possession of marijuana at a Guam airport last week. The entertainer said he didn’t realize that he had the pot on him when he was petting the drug sniffing dog on his way through customs.

The funnyman had less than on ounce on him and was slapped with only a small fine before being sent on his way. Ralphie carries a marijuana medical card which apparently doesn’t hold sway on the Pacific island.

“When I got to baggage claim, I actually walked up to the dog. I love dogs and petted the beautiful shepherd mix. The dog immediately sat down. That indicated to the handlers that I had marijuana on me. I didn’t know that, I just thought that the dog loved me. And then another dog came over and sat down as well and I petted that dog too. I was thinking these dogs love me. They can tell I’m a dog person.”

The customs agents took it all in stride with May. They said they knew it had to be some sort of mistake because who would go up to a drug dog and pet him if they had weed on them?

Ralphie went on to perform at several venues in Guam and said he can’t wait to come back again. We are guessing the dope will leave his dope at home next time.

Watch a video below of Ralphie doing his stand-up called “Smoke Weed With Jesus.”

Warning: Explicit language

Photo Credit: Getty Images