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Becky Griggs is a 43-year-old fitness trainer from Oregon City, Oregon who used to weight 352 pounds. That was six years ago and today she is 200 pounds lighter than she used to be and has improved her health significantly in the process.

Griggs competed in a body-building contest this year at a weight of 139 pounds, but admits she is most comfortable maintaining her weight at 150 pounds. See photos below.

How did she drop all of that weight? Becky reports that her weight loss plan was and still is really quite simple. She eats five small meals a day, focusing on protein, fruits and vegetables. She totally eliminated sugar and flour until she hit her weight loss goal and now allows herself an occasional cheat as long as she plans ahead and counteracts the moments of ill-advised food choices.

She took it a step further when she decided to become a fitness trainer. She needed a way to stay connected to a fitness routine and realized the new career choice would keep her in the gym.

Griggs’ story is a major motivation to her clients. She believes that it is critical for those embarking on a weight-loss program to really believe that they can improve their health with positive mind images. She also recommends finding a like-minded friend to share positive feedback and provide support during the rough and rocky journey.

Her biggest piece of advice during the holiday season is to beware of the food pushers, especially well-meaning family members. She cautions her clients to keep a positive self-images close at hand in order to respond with a gracious and heartfelt ‘No, thank you.’

View more photos and video below.