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Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight

James Van Praagh, co-executive producer of the television show Ghost Whisperer and a well-known psychic medium, claims that Michelle Williams has been woken up twice by Heath Ledger‘s ghost, and says he himself has also been visited by Ledger’s ghost.

In a recent interview, Van Praag says:

Yes Heath Ledger has appeared to me. Two weeks after he died I was shaving and right behind on the right side in the mirror his face appeared and he said to me in my head that I screwed up. Now he knew me. We didn’t know each other directly, but we had mutual friends and he knew what I did. He said I screwed up. Then he thought about his daughter and that was it. Then the next thing I heard about Michelle , his ex, at their apartment in Brooklyn she’s been haunted by him twice. Once she was awakened at 3:00 AM by furniture moving and another time at 4:00 AM in the morning. She said she knew it was him. There was a shadowy figure at the end of her bed. She knows it’s him. I do get a sense that he is restless right now and really wants to speak with her. Actually as I speak I am working on doing a reading for her.”

Van Praagh says he sees a violent end for O.J. Simpson, and an early end for Amy Winehouse (although he admits you don’t have to be a psychic to figure that out). He also claims Britney Spears has two ghosts of her very own following her around.

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Hear the entire interview at CYInterviewonline.