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Dear Santa - For Christmas, I would like this kind of a relationship.

Kristen Bell: 'Zootopia' Hollywood Premiere
Kristen Bell Shares The Cutest Instagram Ever

One can't help but stare admiringly at Kristen Bell's first Instagram because it is so #lovegoals and #cutecouple.

"I don't know how to use instagram but I do like this picture," Bell wrote.  Above that was a photo of the Zootopia star kissing husband, Dax Shepard.

Children everyone will remember this as "That Photo With Elsa Kissing Kristoff," because Shepard could pass for Kristoff, I guess?

Bell's next Instagram featured her adorable dog, Lola, who might be a corgi-lion mix, based on the photo.

"Having just gotten a bath and cut yesterday, I'm really looking forward to lola spending the day in the los angeles rain," Bell wrote on February 18th, "so she can go back to smelling like a sour sock as quickly as possible."

Bell and Shepard married in 2013, and have two daughters, Lincoln, 2 and Delta, 1.  

Bell stars next in The Boss, playing a former employee of Melissa McCarthy's character, a business mogul who went to jail for insider trading. 

In other Bell news, I love the above Instagram post almost as much as I love her love for sloths (below).  It's hard not to lose it when you see such joy.

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