Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Battle For Custody of Tripp: How Can U Be So Selfish!?

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One love child, two breakups and six years after he got it in that night underneath the stars, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are still going at it in Alaska.

Levi has dragged his baby mama back into court in Alaska in a bid to get more time with their son, Tripp, and suspend her trips out of state with him.

Bristol and Levi

“I was never EVER ok with u taking my son anywhere or put[ting him] on your tv show,” Johnston snaps in bitter text messages submitted as evidence.

All was (relatively) well between them until October 2013, when Sarah Palin‘s daughter moved to Scottsdale, Ariz., for a six-month training program.

She took Tripp with her, and Johnston erupted.

On October 19, he opened a new custody case, serving Bristol Palin with a temporary restraining order prohibiting her from removing their child from the state.

Palin was already in Arizona at the time, so Johnston filed a motion to show cause for sanctions against her, and for the immediate return of Tripp.

“Levi had been informed of these plans and had not objected,” documents filed by her attorney claim, noting that it was well known she was going.

Johnston, however, submitted alleged texts from Palin telling him, “Hey I thought our flight left tomorrow, but it leaves midnight tonight,” on January 6.

“When does my son get back?” Johnston’s response reads. “I told u … There is not chance you are taking him there for another 3 months."

"TRIPP wants and needs his father, Bristol. U need to let him stay with me or fly him back up to me when I’m back from work. That’s completely reasonable.”

“I no [sic] u trust our sons safe with me and is taken care of so I don’t understand why u don’t like him with his father,” Levi Johnston continued.

“If u only new the things he says to me and how happy he is with his dad and little sister. He really needs us both and I need him Bristol.”

Johnston has a daughter, Breeze, 18 months, with new wife Sunny Oglesby, and has posted pictures on his facebook page of Tripp with the family.

"Look Levi, before sunny got involved, you were fine with me being in school,” Palin replied. “Tripp is enrolled in school in AZ and will be back when I’m done with training.”

Johnston insisted, “Tripp needs to be in Alaska. We’re [sic] the rest of his family is. How can u be so selfish and no I was never EVER ok with u taking my son anywhere or put on your TV show."

"It’s all crap. He deserves more then [sic] that. He needs his dad and my family just as much as yours. And more importantly. Tripp needs stability and a routine and sports."

"And all that. I really hope and pray u put 2 and 2 together one day. It’s not right. Or fair to our son. Go ahead and ask him if he want to stay with dad or go with u."

“Bet he says dad. Just saying Bristol. Tripps old enough to tell u what he wants.”

For her part, Palin submitted documents claiming that Johnston owes $66,808.57 in child support. Johnston claims that figure is off by nearly $30,000.

A judge previously denied Levi’s petition for equal custody last October, but a new judge will now attempt to get to the bottom of the matter in the new case.

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