Landlord: Isaiah Washington Owes $100,000

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Grey's Anatomy spoiler alert: Isaiah Washington is a deadbeat!

Okay, that's not really a Grey's Anatomy spoiler. He hasn't been on the show since 2007, for one, and it's not exactly new info. Need we remind you about his homophobic, temperamental outbursts on the set that led to his non-renewal with the show?

Anyway, the former Grey's Anatomy star and his wife, Janisa, face eviction after falling as much as $100,000 behind on rent, according to reports.

Documents filed in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon by his landlord claim that Isaiah Washington and his wife haven't been paying their $20,000 monthly payments on their home in the Venice area of Los Angeles.

The complaint, filed by Sandalwood Properties, says Washington has not paid since November. His manager did not respond to a request for comment.

DELINQUENT: Formerly acclaimed actor Isaiah Washington lost touch with reality a long time ago. Now he appears to have similarly misplaced his checkbook.

Isaiah's career trajectory hasn't exactly been positive since not being asked to return to Grey's Anatomy after its third season. He then made matters worse by comparing himself to Malcolm X and losing all perspective on himself, and/or life.

The actor most recently appeared in an episode of A&E's The Cleaner, which appears to be where his landlord is trying to take him after five months of no rent.

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