This is the End Character Posters: Arrived!

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What do you call character posters when the actors in a film aren't really playing characters?

Actor posters?

Meta-character posters?

Shmaracter posters (as in "character posters, shmaracter posters")?

Regardless, a whole bunch of new shmaracter posters have dropped for This is the End, including this one of James Franco:

This is the End James Franco Poster

Click the link to see the This is the End character posters for all six of the main cast members.

Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson round out the group of six friends who face the end of the world when a cataclysmic event strikes Los Angeles.

Rogen co-wrote and co-directed the film with his writing partner Evan Goldberg.

This is the End premieres June 12.


How do these unfunny guys still get opportunities to make these absolutely worthless movies? There is so much better talent out there yet Hollywood insists on shoving this crap down consumer's throats.



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