Les Miserables Matchup: Susan Boyle vs. Glee vs. Anne Hathaway!

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As noted in our Les Miserables review, we weren't huge fans of this big screen adaption.

But Anne Hathaway deserves all the Oscar buzz circulating around Hollywood, thanks to her rendition of the classic track "I Dreamed a Dream."

Was it the best version we've heard of this single over the last few years, though?

Susan Boyle rose to fame by covering the song on Britain's Got Talent, while Lea Michele and Idina Menzel teamed up for a rendition on Glee.

Listen to all three now and vote on your favorite:



I thought Anne Hathaway's performance was the best, but I was comparing it to the whole performance .. expressions, emotion, etc. On a pure singing basis, Susan Boyle was superior. Not so much comparing apples to oranges but more like differences in apples .. some are crisp and biting, others juicy and sweet ... both great with the final arbiter being the venue in which it is presented!


Susan's performance was for more. The others were great


Anne is an actress plays the character. She is an actress
Susan, a fantastic singer. There is no way to compare.
Impossible. It would be dishonest for both


Anne canta e interpreta o personagem. É uma atriz. Susan , uma cantora fantástica. São situações que não se pode comparar! Não há como!


Susan Boyle hands down is the powerhouse voice and heartfelt cry of this song. Her interpretation is second to none.


Sorry, but I think Anne Hatheway brought such a haunting and utter desperation to the song. The lyrics awoke from their slumber and gripped even the stoniest of hearts. The only reason Susan even gets a nod is because of her plain looks juxtaposed to her vocals, which in my opinion is just "pity." Anne my darling, was at the brink of insanity, holding on to a few foggy memories of a child she would never see again. If ever Fantine arose from the ashes of her burned aspirations, it was at this moment when beauty collided with an awe-inspiring ballad to create a performance that miraculously ignited her misery and brought joy to the hearts of all her viewers simultaneously. Anne for the Gold. Susan a very distant second and Glee who?(though Rachel's on my own was far superior than the film's)


There really can be no comparison with Susan Boyle. All other people who sing this song are actresses sing/acting I Dreamed a Dream while Susan is singing her life-song/story I Dreamed a Dream. For me, these are like two separate songs, if you know what I mean. Anne does a really good job acting the song and I hope she and the movie win awards for this. Susan inspires me and no one else no matter how well they sing the song personally inspires me like that. The magic of Susan's interpretation was far greater than the comparison to her looks and the fact that she could sing. The words of the song became alive and held meaning in who Susan was and gave hope to all. There was much economic turmoil and the song gripped people as a song of the times and Susan delivered the magic and hope that was so needed.


Comparing is a bit ridiculous. Anne Hathaway sang the song numerous times until they got what they wanted, and she was acting out a role.
Susan Boyle sang it once, in front of a large audience, was very nervous and she was just singing a song.

@ Kaitlyn

That wasn't the question. SB did a good job no doubt. But the magic of her performance isn't how we'll she sang the song, but that everyone was so sure she was about to completely suck, and didn't. And if you don't think she practiced you're wrong. Hathaway not only sang the hell out of that song but she did it while showing the absolute horror of Fantine's circumstance. I shed a tear for SB because I was watching someone's dream come true. I shed a tear for Fantine(Hathaway) because I was watching the realization of her hopes and dreams torn apart. Apart from the rape scene in "the girl with the dragon tattoo", this was one of the most viciously depressing scenes I've ever seen. And she did it in one take,(they didn't splice performances together). Just like Susan Boyle.

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