Urine Trouble: Gerard Depardieu Relieves Himself in Airplane Aisle

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Stuck on an Air France flight yesterday, Gerard Depardieu reportedly gave new meaning to the term pissed off.

The French actor was on the runway in Paris, headed for Dublin, when he really had to use the bathroom, a witness tells TMZ. But the flight attendance told the former Green Card star he'd have to wait 15 minutes until the flight was safely in the air.

In response? He unzipped and urinated all over the aisle.

Gerard Depardieu Picture

The plane was forced to return the gate, as the crew needed two hours to clean up the actor's mess. Depardieu may face charges for the act.

No word yet from his rep, or from the passengers in the vicinity of his steam.

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I would be pissed at the flight attendent. If they would have allowed him to go to the pisser for 2 minutes before takeoff... it would have saved 2 hours of time cleaning up. The fligh attendent had no common sense and should be the one to blame.


Yes,pig is an understatement. By the way what happened to him? He looks gross.


eeewwww. That's disgusting. Imagine how the people on the flight must have felt. He should be sued by the airline for the time it took to clean the plane. Then he should be banned from ever flying on that airline again. What a pig!


I loved him in Green Card, one of my all time movies. Wow, he looks awful and acts worse than awful. What a pisapointment. (pun intended)


He looks like a retarded version of Tony Soprano (James Galdofini)


that was gross owk! part of his brains should be loose


@ Hilton Hater: It's that time again to remind you how much I enjoy your news flashes.
Poor manners on the part of this worldly traveler, but at least I get to read your your description of this misbehaved incident. The term *pissed off in reference to this story was right on target.
I have an absolute weakness for light sided humor!!