Charlie Sheen Rewards Brooke Mueller with Mexican Vacation

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Perhaps Charlie Sheen really is a changed man.

The actor has touched down with ex-wife Brooke Mueller in Mexico, telling TMZ the trip is actually a reward for the troubled mother of his twins because she's been "busting her ass with the boys, and [she's] more sober and healthy than I've ever seen her."

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Sheen has made it his goal to get Brooke on a proper path, paying for her treatment with a team of doctors he trusts. It's amazing how far these two have come.

It was only February, according to court documents, when Sheen lamented the fact that he didn't kill Muller during their infamous, dangerous fight on Christmas Day 2009. Glad to see they're getting along now!


2 and a half sucks now without you.


they're both as crazy as shit. its like da blind leading da blinding


Well it is a good thing to do, Charlie !
However i think Charlie if he wanted could have a far smarter and interesting partner..but if being with her actually help her and make their kids happy..hey why not, i wish them well.


Even though these two former lovebirds are divorced, I think that it is a wonderful thing that these two parents are getting along. After all the chaos that have been in their lives for the past year, maybe a vacation and heart to heart chats might be the *winning combination that this couple Need to iron out their differences, and make them even more responsible parents to their young children who Need both of them available and sober!!

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