Lady Gaga: Fashionable in France

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Lady Gaga visited Paris in typical Lady Gaga fashion.

Hanging out of the backseat (and out of the roof) of the car she was being driven in, the pop superstar waved and blew kisses to her French fans.

The blue-haired reprised her recent wig (and kimono-esque get-up) as she rolled through town, looking like she belongs in the Louvre herself.

Lady Gaga Cleavage Pic

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for Lady Gaga, with no end in sight, as she's been busy promoting her smash hit new album, Born This Way.

With her hit songs and outrageous fashion sense, she arrived in Paris on Monday after spending the weekend at Rome's Gay Pride Festival.

On Saturday, June 25, she’ll be performing at the MTV Japan Awards. Never a dull moment for the hardest working woman in show business.

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I can't for the life of me understand why this 25 year old woman has such sagging breasts or why she would want anyone to see them. She is forever exposing as much of them as the law will allow, but I think they are not attractive or sexy or appealing in any way.


@barbara richards oh not again.
You're bitching about late rumours, vomit-pig! MALE OR FEMALE, WE DON'T CARE. GAGA RULES! YOU TROLL.


All I'm going to say about Lady Gaga is that SHE IS A HE. She writes a song "Born This Way." I don't think we need any more subtle clues as to who she, I mean, he is. It would be just like Gaga to fool the world. It's like Andy Kaufman always trying to get one up on his audience. Even when he died, many of his close friends and family thought it was a joke. I'm telling you that Lady Gaga is not a Madame. She's a cross dressing male that had a sex change.




Love u gaga . I love the new cd. please release marry the night as fourth single!


Love u gaga i love the new cd please release marry the night as fourth single

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