DJ Megatron Shot Dead at Age 32

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DJ Megatron, a popular radio and TV personality in New York, was shot and killed early Sunday morning. He was 32.

The host of the show What's Good was found near his home in Staten Island with a gunshot wound to the chest, according to The Associated Press. His manager Justin Kirkland (aka J. Smoove) says Megatron was headed to a store at the time.

DJ Megatron Picture

"He probably had one of the best personalities around, super-positive, happy all the time," Kirkland said.

Megatron, whose real name was Corey McGriff, was an aspiring hip hop artist who kicked off his career on New York's Kiss FM. He is survived by three children and no arrests have been made in the case.

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They don't know who did it, yet. . .They've made no arrests. So, how do you know the cause was jealousy? Maybe it was robbery????


Anytime I hear of a young person at the prime of their life passing it tears me up inside.I feel for his whole family.And I also hope the pig who took this life rots in the gutters of Hell.


To be young, gifted & black is a curse among our own black people - especially in the hip hop world. To kill another human being out of jealousy is sad because you are only killing yourself with hate. It will eat you up alive. GOD don't like ugly. The HATE IS EATING THEM ALIVE MY FRIENDS. And that goes for the people they never found for the killings of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, & we MUST not forget Run DMC. Why can't they find these people is beyond me. But GOD knows & eventually they will PAY one way or the other. It's only a matter of time. RIP My Beautiful One!


This has to stop. I'm sick & tired of killings. This was a young man with a young family & now their world has been destroyed for what? Is the killer happy now taking a man away from his family. These pointless killings are getting worse & something has to be done. Killing someone for whatever the reason is NOT the answer. It doesn't make you clever or hard etc. Just a f**king loser with no bottle to handle your own sh*t. RIP & prayers to his family. Didn't know him but he got off his backside & worked hard to provide for his family & made some fans along the way (will be remembered for his positive energy). I hope the killer never finds peace & is caught soon. That will not bring him back (they say the good die young) but hopefully, help the family to find a little peace.


my prayers go out to his family man its crazy how we can't stop hating on each other 4 a second damn.


My prayers go out to his famlies!!!!


This is a sad loss...