Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller: Getting Back Together?!?!?!?!

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When it comes to Charlie Sheen, little takes us by surprise at this point. Alcohol. Drugs. Porn stars. Bombshell McGee. Eh, whatever.

But we didn't see this report coming: a reliable source tells The Palm Beach Post that Sheen might get back together with ex-wife Brooke Mueller. That source? Mueller's mother.

In Better Times

“They’re talking about it constantly, and Brooke has been saying she and Charlie are trying to get back together,” Moira Fiore told the newspaper. “She seems ready to give it another try."

However, a friend of the Mueller family tells E! News that Moira's comments were (somehow) "taken out of context."

"Charlie and Brooke talk and I think everything is still friendly between them, but I'm sure it's for the sake of the boys. They are not together as far as I know."

An anonymous insider qualifying every statement with "I think" and "as far as I know." Incredibly, Fiore's comments are actually more believable at the moment. Only in Hollywood...


I really hope not, even though they have the twin boys together. He will never change and any girl who thinks they can is a fucking tard!!! Brooke just needs to realize that he is not a role model/father figure and is only good for his money, that he has now. Don't know where he or his money will be in 10 years.


Charlie continues to look like The Balloon Boy's Dad.
Leave it to Charlie to go out into the world and get some bad publicity from being in the company of other (wild) women to get the attention of his ex-wife. After graduating from The Sober House
and hooking up over kids related conversations,I guess it is enough
to make this young couple realize that they just might be more in love than ever. There was something about Charlie's bad boy's image
that appealed to Brooke from the beginning. One thing for sure, life with this couple is Never A Dull Moment!!


oh my goodness shes making a biggest mistake of her life i wont be suprised if he actually kills her


I don't buy it for a sec. Nobody working on their sobriety the way she is would have him around. I don't believe her mom ever said this. He should not be around these kids, obviously.


Lolz. It w0uldnt surprise me at all! Im hoping for the kids sake its untrue. Apparently their relationshp is a T0XIC one and children need Happy Healthy Mentally Stable parents. No 0ne has TAMED Charlie yet......n0t that MANY MANY W0MEN HAVE N0T TRIED! LOL. He may be FUN and likes to HAVE A G0OD TIME. Bt I w0uldnt date him. Hes a drug addict with a very serious ANGER problem. I d0nt see the 0BSESSI0N with this TRAINWRECK 0F A MAN!???

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