Kendra Wilkinson Admits to Suicidal Thoughts

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Postpartum Depression is a serious disease. It inflicts approximately 13 percent of women after they give birth, typically for the first time, and it can lead to major psychological issues. Even suicide in the worst cases.


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    I frankly am sick of her capitalizing on the baby.. Mag. covers etc... WHY is she the only woman to have a baby. I liked Kendra, think she is adorable and liked her on Hefners show, but now that she is married, I feel she is capitalizing on the prior fame, and I wonder why the public has an appetite for Kendras baby weight, etc when the whole world has kids and the same struggles and they do not get paid to pose for magazines. I watched the show last night and thought it was boring, tired of hearing her wine about her weight, she has a beautiful little boy and that should be the focus, not how sexy she is...... Just my opinion


    Forgot to add...part of the whole post-partum act is going through the motions like you're the happiest Mom on earth (even if you're not), so it's no shock that Kendra posed for all these pics. Especially if she got paid lots of money for them.


    what? is exactly right! 80% of all women feel this way 1-2 weeks after giving birth, and 20% of those women go on to be diagnosed with post-partum depression 6 weeks after giving birth. Chances are, Kendra's not making it up. Having a baby does crazy things to your body and your mind. Anybody's who's had a baby knows this.


    Why would someone lie about that? DO you know how many women feel like after having a baby. I hate how cruel people can think.

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