Zack Morris Lives, is Funnier Than Jimmy Fallon

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The nine of you old enough to remember Saved By the Bell will appreciate this.

Appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his new TNT show, Raising the Bar, Mark-Paul Gosselaar appeared in character ... as Zack Morris.

"I had to change my name to Mark-Paul Gosselaar because there was already a Zack Morris in SAG," Zack explained to the lame host, who played along.

Zack / Mark-Paul went on to reflect on his amazing SATs, his terrific summer working at the Malibu Sands and his ill-fated marriage (!) to Kelly Kapowski.

He then arranged a class reunion (as did Jessie Spano, via circa 1991 cell phone) and even joined the Late Night band for a number as "Zack Attack."

Check out this blast from the Saturday morning past below ...


How huge of a nerd am I for wanting to point out that the play Zack and Jessie were in was Snow White, not Sleeping Beauty...


That was cute. Mark did a great job reviving his old character. He doesn't look that much older either!


That was awesome! Loved the brick Check out my SBTB Tribute Rap Video "I Love Bayside"


you need to get your facts straight.
Jimmy orchestrated all of that to happen.
he wasn't 'playing along', it was his idea.
Jimmy has been planning on getting a 'class reunion' of Saved By the Bell since he started the Late Night show.
If anything Mark-Paul was playing along with Jimmy.

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