DeAnna Pappas Speaks on Jason Mesnick, Bachelor Return

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With her heavily-hyped reunion with The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick drawing near on the season finale, DeAnna Pappas has revealed some additional details about why she rejected Mesnick in favor of Jesse Csincsak - then later dumped Csincsak.

"I believe that we all make mistakes in our lives and we learn from them ... it came down to two totally different people. Jason, who has it all together has everything a woman would want. And then there's Jesse, who kind of was a wild card," she told Extra.

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"For me, I felt like the wild card was going to work out. Someone to keep me on my toes. Eventually, it wasn't what I was attracted to anymore," she added.

Both Jason Mesnick and Jesse Csincsak attempted to propose marriage to DeAnna Pappas during July's broadcast of The Bachelorette's fourth-season finale.

DeAnna Pappas rejected Mesnick, on bended knee, before he could follow through with his marriage proposal offer and presented Csincsak with her final rose.

Things initially seemed to go well for the engaged couple, but after months of wavering over a wedding location, Pappas announced she had broken up with Csincsak.

That split took place in November.

As for her reunion in New Zealand with Mesnick on The Bachelor, Pappas said it was a positive experience for her - and hopefully for The Bachelor viewers as well.

"I believe that it's going to resolve some issues for myself and possibly some viewers," she said.

When speaking of DeAnna Pappas' surprise visit, which will air in two weeks, Mesnick admitted to being caught off guard by the appearance of his ex-flame.

"Of course it threw me off. I fell in love with her and I went through my healing process. She's the last person I expected to see, especially in New Zealand," he said.


DeAnna lost it when he lets Jeremy go.,they had so many things in common.. for Jason, he is my homeboy.., learning from the mistakes is 1,000,000 times worth it he is sooo happy with Molly than Melissa., but Melissa is a wifey material but to somebody else


I hope Jason makes the right decision and do what is right for him and his son.
As for DeAnna, she had her chance and she blew it. I do believe in second chances but once someone hurts you so bad, it is really difficult to trust them again. You will forgive because that's where your healing is. But that tells you, you were never a priority- number one to them. I dont think anyone would wantto be with someone who they think they are second best.
Pebbles- South Africa


I feel sorry for Deanna, well i believe we all do mistakes in life no one has a right to judge anyone, wish Jason can give her a last chance as we all deserve chances. people are just gonna look at it with other eye, that she hurts and rejected Jason, he can pay a revenge back to her.


Oh please Deanna~! you make the wrong choice and others have to pay? How selfish. Keep it to yourself. Let Jason enjoy his process without you. I am sure you're a great girl, but try new waters. Jason deserves happiness not a girl that has no clue as to what will make her happy.

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