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Unlike many divorced women, Yolanda Foster has decided that her ex-husband, David’s last name doesn’t suit her anymore.

So, the Dutch model asked her three children – Gigi, Bella and Anwar what to do.

"I talked about it with the kids," Yolanda told Andy Cohen on February 16th’s Watch What Happens Live.

"I never dropped the name Hadid, because I have three children with that last name, and I asked the kids, ‘Should I go back to van den Herik?’ and they said, ‘No! You’re our mommy and we have the same last name.’"

Yolanda’s social handles are still "Foster," since she explained to Cohen that she just made the decision the previous day.

The interview also involved more of the same: Lisa Rinna, Munchausen Syndrome and an apology that simply wasn’t enough for Foster.

"Yolanda Hadid Foster was on a mission, and her mission was to try to nail me to the wall with what she thought to be the facts," Rinna wrote on her blog after last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"It’s obvious that she has it in her head that I am labeling her with Munchausen since she said numerous times that I am labeling her. In reality, what I did was inform her that she has already been questioned and labeled by others in our community.

"Big, big difference there. She then proceeded to read to all of us what Munchausen by proxy was. Again, big BIG difference as that was never once up for discussion between any of us."

Creating a storyline for her illness might have been a mistake for Foster/Hadid, since the others have taken it upon themselves to blow it way, way out of proportion.

I miss the days of arguing over a Maloof Hoof.