Weatherman Sees Spider on Air, Flips the EFF Out

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Bryan Hughes should at least be glad no one offered him a sweater on air.

Although... we're guessing the West Virginia weatherman may have preferred this extra layer of clothing over what happened to him instead.

In a clip that has gone viral, the meteorologist is updating viewers on what they can expect over the next few days when... OH MY GOD, NO!!!!

He sees a spider.                             

freaked weatherman

We're not really kidding. That was essentially his reaction.

After letting out a blood-curdling scream upon seeing the creature on set, Hughes cracks us up with his reaction.

"Jeez Louise!" he exclaims, proving that people actually do use this expression in life.

He then sort of calms down and adds:

"How did that happen?!? I nearly lost my lunch."

So did we. Not out of fear, but out of laughing so hard at this clip.

Hughes goes on to ramble about how he thought he and a producer had killed all the spiders and now they clearly need to get back to it and all gloriously hilarious.

Watch the on-camera freak out now:

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