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After months of anticipation and a leaked screenplay that nearly led him to abort the project altogether, Quentin Tarantino has released the first trailer for his eighth film – the appropriately titled, The Hateful Eight.

For fans of the auteur and his giddy brand of blood-soaked cinema, the wait will no doubt prove worthwhile, as looks like Hateful is pure, uncut Tarantino.

The film finds Tarantino and a handful of his favorite actors sticking with the Western vibe of Django Unchained.

This time, however, we’re in post-Civil War Wyoming, where Tarantino newcomer Jennifer Jason Leigh has replaced Jamie Foxx as the battered, badass fugitive.

Check out the full trailer for a dose of QT’s pulpy wit delivered by his Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and motley crew of his other usual suspects.

The film hits theaters ("in glorious 70 mm") on Christmas.