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Well, another season of Teen Mom 2 is almost upon us.

It’s difficult for any reality show to really keep things fresh after a decade of filming, but TM2 has a secret weapon:

A cast full of young parents who love drama and are more or less addicted to making terrible life decisions!

MTV debuted the trailer for the new season last night, and if you were worried about the show running out of steam, fear not:

This season has got it all. Think STD confessions, bad baby daddies, and even the return of Kailyn Lowry’s mom.

It might be almost too much. Just kidding. There is no such thing, and we’re sure you can handle it!

That’s what we watch for, after all. Notably not present, of course, is the train wreck that is Jenelle Evans.

She got fired awhile ago, after all. But you can always catch her on the celebrity gossip blogs and TikTok etc.

Anyway. Take a look at the long-awaited trailer now!