Steven Avery's Sons Speak Out For the First Time: WATCH!

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At this point, it seems like just about everyone involved with the Steven Avery murder trial has had their say.

Even Avery himself issued a statement, despite bizarrely being barred from talking to the media by the Wisconsin Board of Prisons.

But as the public debate over the facts presented in Making a Murderer rages on, many seem to have forgotten that prior to his first imprisonment in 1985, Steven Avery got married and started a family - and his children remained silent on their father's controversial conviction until today.

Sitting for an interview with the syndicated news magazine series Crime Watch Daily, Bill Avery and Steven Avery Jr., both in their 30s now, share their feelings on once again being thrust into the national spotlight, as well as their thoughts on the scandal-plagued trial that landed their father behind bars for life.

Asked point blank if they believe that Steven Avery is innocent, as the rest of their family seems to, the brothers confess that they're as uncertain as many Making a Murderer viewers:

“Only one person can answer that, and that would be Teresa Halbach,” Steven Jr. says in the shocking new video. “But she can’t answer that no more.”

While the Averys refrain from speculating about their father's guilt or innocence, they agree with his supporters on the question of whether Steven and his alleged accomplice Brendan Dassey deserve a second trial.

“The only thing I know was the entire case was very shady. It’s clear that there was corruption,” Steven Jr. says.

“Him and Brendan deserve a fair trial. That’s my take on it. If they’re guilty, let them sit. But if they’re free, get them out. It’s been ten years now. They’ve wasted going on 30 years of his life if he’s innocent.

Watch a clip from the emotional interview below:

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