Sister Wives Sneak Peek: S--t is About to Go Down!

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Things are about to get all sorts of real on Sister Wives, based on this sneak preview of Sunday's episode of the hit TLC reality program.

The teaser wraps up with a very dramatic, vague clip that makes it seem like we may be seeing the Meri Brown catfish scandal play out.

There's crying, tension and dialogue that certainly suggests as much, although we have been fooled by these masters of editing before.

We've been had by so many reality TV hoaxes that we can't say with any certainty whether or not this has to do with Meri's online affair.

The timeline seems to fit, as do the snippets, that could simply be TLC knowing people are interested in this topic and conning us all.

Yet Meri says, "they have no idea how bad it is, they don't know what I brought into the family." Did she bring in a really bad flu virus?

We're guessing not. And after all the Browns fought for via the adoption and Sister Wives divorce "restructuring," this had to be tough.

Stay tuned Sunday night or watch Sister Wives online after the fact to see the tears flow and the Lifetime-esque dramatic music play.

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