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Nick Carter pleaded for Key West cops to let him off the hook for a bar fight due to – wait – his membership in the Backstreet Boys.

In the police video below, the boy band star of yore slurs through an explanation of his fame while speaking to a responding officer.

“Sir, my name is Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, I’m a f–king singer,” the 35-year-old says, around the eight-minute mark.

That he is. Police were nonplussed, however.

Carter proceeded to drunkenly beg for an opportunity to make things right, or at least do something important he had in his mind.

“All I’m asking is a second, and a chance, to rectify the situation and to talk to the owner or manager of this place," he pleads.

"To say, I don’t want all this s–t.”

If you missed it, Nick Carter was arrested for getting “agitated and aggressive” with staff at the Hog’s Breath Saloon on Wednesday.

Bartenders refused to serve the “heavily intoxicated” star, who is staying in Key West at a “retort” (we assume he means a resort).

According to the police report, Carter punched a bouncer when he was removed from the facility, at which point the cops were called.

The singer and brother of Aaron Carter has a history of alcohol-related troubles, dating back to a 2005 DUI arrest and a stint in rehab.

Maybe another one is in order?