Mila Kunis Compares Ashton Kutcher's Penis to WHAT?

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Mila Kunis is pregnant with her and Ashton Kutcher's second child.

Therefore, we know she has had sex with the actor on a minimum of two occasions, meaning we can take the star's word for it when it comes to the shape of her husband's penis.

Yes, ladies, we're about to talk about Ashton Kutcher's penis.

Mila Kunis on The Late Late Show

On The Late Late Show Monday night, Kunis appeared as a guest on Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, meaning she had to answer a personal question or eat some really disgusting.

So after James Corde asked whether Kutcher’s private part was more akin to a “carrot stick or beer can,” Kunis had to respond… or drink a glass of clam juice.

Egged on by fellow guest Christina Applegate, Kunis replied by comparing Kutcher's junk to a "carrot stick."

This elicited laughter from Corden because... well... carrot sticks aren't very impressive, size-wise. They're tall, but pretty darn thin.

"But beer cans are short," Kunis said in her defense.

"No, not a big beer can," Corden corrected the beauty.

"A beer can!" Kunis therefore shouted as a correction, explaining: "I'm thinking it's short and stubby or long and thin. But no, [it's] like a Guinness."

So there you have it.

Ashton Kutcher's penis is sort of like a Guiness can.

Did the actor mind that his unit is now a topic of national conversation?

Not when it's being described this way.

"He was very happy about the Guinness," Kunis told E! News. "And then I was like, 'I should've been like a 40!'"


Check out the clip of Kunis making this confession below. It's the first question she is asked in the segment.

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