Michael Strahan: I Can't Wait for Kelly Ripa to Return!

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On Monday morning's edition of Live!, Michael Strahan was joined by a member of the Pretty Little Liars cast.

But we're now examining the following video and asking ourselves:

Is HE a pretty little liars?

For the fourth show in a row, Strahan was NOT joined by Kelly Ripa as a co-host, instead sitting alongside Shay Mitchell while greeting his studio audience and fans at home.

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa on Live!

Ripa, of course, reacted in anger last week after Strahan announced that he would be leaving this program in September in order to be a full-time anchor on Good Morning America.

Ripa felt as though her many years of loyal service to Live! should have resulted in her learning about this decision long before the public.

In response, Ripa took a few days off... possibly to vacation with her family, as previously arranged, or possibly out of protest.

She'll be back as co-host on Tuesday, however, a fact Strahan alludes to in the following clip.

"It is Monday, April 25," Michael says below to open the show," adding/explaining:

"Kelly had a scheduled day off to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband, Mark. She’s gonna be back tomorrow, which we’re all excited about.”

Look for tomorrow's episode to garner especially high ratings, as viewers tune in to see just what Kelly will say.

She has to address the situation, right?

Ripa and Strahan can't just pretend as if everything is okay, can they?

Recent reports have claimed the stars hate each other, which is sort of depressing if true.

Ripa, of course, makes between $15 million and $20 million per year, so it's highly unlikely she leaves the show after Strahan departs.

But there's been talk of ABC pushing Live! back in order to make room for another hour of Good Morning America and there's been lots of talk of just who will replace Strahan.

Do you have any suggestions?

Check out the clip below:

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