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Sorry, Emma Stone.

We really thought you had put on the greatest lip sync performance of all-time two years ago. We thought that maybe it was even the best.

But Melissa McCarthy came along on Monday night and totally raised the game.

The beloved actress took on Jimmy Fallon in a two-round competition, first bringing the crowd to its feet with her energetic rendition of DMX’s "Gonna Give It to Ya."

She rocked a baseball cap, she bounded around the stage, she acted more ghetto than we thought she possibly could.

But that was nothing when compared to McCarthy’s second performance.

First, she lip synched to the "Colors of the Wind," the theme song from Disney’s animated hit Pocahontas. Which is awesome enough on its own for being so random.

But she then used a wind machine to make leaves fly into her face, while wearing goggles and also dealing with wayward stuffed animals.

It was an epic use of absurd props, that’s for sure.

By the end, McCarthy was fighting off all types of green foliage and fake birds and still mouthing the lyrics to this former Vanessa Williams track. Pretty amazing, really. And totally hilarious.

Watch the performance below and then compare it to the best Lip Sync Battle examples in history.