McDonald's Workers Pummel Customer Over Soda Theft: See the Brutal Beatdown Video!

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If you buy a water cup, you're really not supposed to get soda with it. Anywhere, including McDonald's.

Some employees, it seems, take this policy much more seriously than others.

Because soda-theft is apparently what prompted a couple of McDonald's employees to deliver an epic beatdown to a customer. And you can see it all in the video and gifs that we've included.

McDonald's Fight Still

(Note: this still image is worth seeing on its own, but we made gifs of some highlights below)

In a video posted on Wednesday night, several unidentified persons were involved in a brawl at an undisclosed McDonald's.

A customer runs, tossing what appears to be a milkshake and then a tray behind her, perhaps in an effort to slow or deter the tall employee who is pursuing her.

Her efforts are unsuccessful.

The taller employee appears to corner her against a table and, as they say, wail on her with her fists.

The customer's efforts to fight back do not appear to be successful. She gets flung across the aisle and onto a table like a rag doll.

McDonald's Fight 02

We have to show you the censored version of this brutal pummeling, folks. 

The obscenities are one thing, but the unidentified customer gets such a thrashing that her boob pops out and flops around everywhere.

(Since we do not know her identity, we also cannot verify her age)

Her breast popped out because her top, appropriate for this unspeakably hot summer weather, is less than ideal for a knock-down, drag-out fight.

Comics artists who like to draw superheroes wearing what looks like a few ribbons should take note: it is not realistic combat attire.

McDonald's Fight 03

TMZ reports that this McDonald's fight was apparently all started after the customer tried to use a water cup to steal soda from the soda dispenser.

We have to assume that there was some escalation between "ma'am you need to buy a soda" and the absolutely ghastly display of violence caught on video.

It sounds like the customer may have insulted the taller employee's mother, though honestly, a lot of what's said in the video is difficult if not impossible to understand.

We're hesitant to say who started it without knowing the whole story, especially since it appears that people are committing some crimes -- in addition to workplace violations.

McDonald's Fight 04

Most of us, if we were lifted into the air and slammed into a table, might try to end the fight.

A couple of others try to intervene, and another employee moves the customer away while also restraining her.

The customer, who is tiny but appears to be 100% ready to fight, struggles to escape the shorter employee's grasp.

It appears that the shorter employee loses her patience because she responds with some hair-pulling and is shown delivering some blows of her own.

McDonald's Fight 05

Even after things appear to be settled -- again -- the customer grabs what looks to be an aluminum chair and begins to charge towards the taller employee.

Folks, please do not get into fights. And if you just escaped a fight in which you were decidedly on the losing side, do not try to start things up again.

McDonald's is not a buffet -- do not go back for seconds.

Thankfully, the taller employee is able to diffuse this situation -- sort of -- by confiscating the chair.

(She just takes it from her)

McDonald's Fight 06

Again, there is so much that we do not know. There is even -- as always -- technically a possibility that a group of friends staged all of this to go viral.

But ... we somehow doubt it. This looks very real.

Fight choreographers for television shows should take note.

We want to stress again that we do not know who the original aggressor may have been in this conflict.

We can only imagine what is going through the minds of McDonald's corporate as they watch this video go viral.

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