Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 Teaser: Is Faith Hill Pregnant?!?

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According to a dramatic rumor making the rounds, Stevie J may have a reason to be both very excited and very afraid in the near future.

First, the excitement:

Faith Hill may be pregnant with the reality star's next baby!

We'll explain why many social users believe this to be the case down below, but first we'll explain why this may be reason for the VH1 personality to actually be scared.

Stevie J and Faith Hill are Married

And that reason is this:

Dude has fallen seriously far behind on previous child support payments; we learned last summer that he owes $1.3 million to his baby mamas!

Stevie J managed to avoid a jail sentence, and he is married to Hill, so he wouldn't exactly owe her money for the alleged bun in her oven -- but still. Can he really afford another child?

(Stevie already has six, by five different women.)

As for why folks think this is a possiblity? Well...

hip hoppers

VH1 released the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 last week. (Check it out on this page!)

According to the not-always-reliable editors at Media Takeout, Stevie and Hill recently told producers that they are ready for "their own reality show — unaffiliated with Love & Hip Hop” and that one of their ideas for the spinoff is “Faith’s pregnancy.”

Back in February, the couple Hill said the following on Grammys night:

“We’re working on finishing up our EP, doing a few TV projects, producing a few TV projects... and if [Stevie] had his way working on an addition to our family."

So there you have it.

Not exactly a confirmation she's expecting, we know.

For the record, Hill has four children herself.


Viewers can look forward to plenty of insight into Stevie and Faith's romance on Season 8, which kicks off on March 25.

Spice, meanwhile, will be annoyed by the industry's double standards about skin color and actually bleach hers white to prove a point.

Rasheeda will be very busy with Kannon, while also encouraging Kirk to be a better dad.

Bambi and Scrappy will be focusing on their baby, Breland, but all will not be rainbows and unicorns between Momma Dee and Bambi's mother.

Scrapp DeLeon will also return and we'll learn whether Scrapp and Moniece Slaughter are for real.

Check out the extended preview now!

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