Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Sing "Shallow," Get All of America Pregnant

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Somehow, some way, Green Book won Best Picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

It was a travesty.

And yet... most viewers turned off the host-free ceremony with a smile on their faces and maybe even something going on in their crotches because Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang "Shallow."

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

The Best Original Song winner from the Academy Awards, this track, of course, is from the movie A Star is Born.

And although neither Cooper nor Gaga won in their individual acting categories yesterday, the actor and the artist most definitely won in the court of public opinion.

Social media users cannot stop gushing over this performance.

Some think Cooper and Gaga are a romantic item due to the chemistry displayed here, while others simply hope they will be at some point.

(For the record, Gaga just split from her fiance, while Cooper is in a serious relationship with Irina Shayk.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on Stage

Indeed, folks are going off the deep end when it comes to the video featured here.

Gaga and Cooper walked hand-in-hand to the stage from their front-row seats in the Dolby Theatre, gazing into each other’s eyes as they started the stripped-down take on the track.

From there, Cooper serenaded Gaga from a stool as she sat down at the piano.

And from there, he joined the pop singer on the piano bench, where they completed the performance by singing affectionately cheek-to-cheek, gazing into each other’s eyes.

It. Was. Amazing.

gaga screens

We can't be the only ones who may have gotten pregnant just be watching these two, right?

Backstage after their duet, Cooper and Gaga hugged tightly and were quickly met with a swarm of clapping production staff members, all of whom were blown away by what they had witnessed.

“Did I nail it?” asked Gaga.

Taking in the well wishes, according to People Magazine, she looked at Cooper and said, “I’m so f-cking proud of you!”

famous back

Tweeted actress Laverne Cox in response to this rendition:

Why am I trying to give a standing ovation in my apartment on my fractured foot after #LadyGaga and #BradleyCooper's performance of #Shallow at the #Oscars ?

Cause it was bonkers, beyond and insanely amazingly good. Though I applauded seated, the standing O was there in spirit.


Watch now.

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