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Kylie Jenner is moving fast in her new relationship with PartyNextDoor, and it looks like the couple just had their first fight.

Kylie Jenner Shades Tyga
Party Next Door, aka Jahron Brathwaite

Both Kylie and the 22-year-old rapper have already appeared on each other’s Snapchats, and PND recently posted a video of his visibly upset new girlfriend.

In the vid, Kylie suggests that PND is trying to hide her after he deleted an earlier post with her in it.

He tries to explain that he was just "protecting" her, but she does not appear convinced.

Very early this morning, Kylie debuted her new flame on her Snapchat by sharing a video of him playing the piano and singing "Kylie, Kylie."

But more interesting than the content of the vid is the time it was posted: 6:21 a.m.

That’s a very early date.

Or very late date, if you get my drift.

Did you catch that, Tyga?

While it appears that Kylie is having a grand ol’ time with PND (or at least, a time), sources claim that she’s still reeling from her breakup, and the reason she’s been so public with her new man is to make Tyga jealous.

It’s the exact type of thing teenagers do when they want to stick it to someone, even if they’re rich and famous.

Kylie was first spotted with PND at a comedy show in Hollywood, and later on a bowling date.

He filmed Kylie throwing the ball and knocking some pins down then shared it to Snapchat.

Kylie broke her silence on Tyga breakup rumors yesterday when she debunked a rumor that he owed her $2 million, calling it nothing but "lies."