Kylie Jenner Accused of Animal Abuse After Video of Skinny Pets Surfaces

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Kylie Jenner is quite the animal lover, but fans believe the 18-year-old reality star's life of constant work and travel isn't conducive to responsible pet ownership

In the past, Kylie has been accused of neglecting her dogs and treating the animals like fashion accessories.

Now, fans are in an uproar once again, this time due to the video below that Kylie uploaded to Snapchat earlier this week.

The clip shows Kylie playing with her two Italian greyhounds, both of whom have ribs and hip bones that are visible through their skin.

That would be alarming sign of malnutrition for most breeds, but it's actually common to healthy greyhounds.

The Italian Greyhound Club of America has even come to Kylie's defense and issued a statement explaining that the pups appear to be within the recommended weight range.

Of course, this is the Internet we're talking about, so an army of angry commenters didn't allow a few pesky facts get in the way of their trolling.

Many comments on the original video implore Kylie to find new homes for the dogs, and naturally, many of them include personal attacks on the social media queen.

In this case, the criticism is unfounded, and the video contains no evidence that Kylie is a negligent pet owner, or that her dogs are unhealthy.

That said, we hope she's stopped driving with her dogs in her lap, because that's just plain stupid.

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