Kris Jenner: Caitlyn Never Told Me She Was Transgender, Like, Ever

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These two are fighting like an old married couple.

Oh wait.

Caitlyn Jenner invited her ex-wife, Kris down to New Orleans to hang with the ladies on last night's episode of I Am Cait, and I would be lying if I thought she wasn't a hit.

Over dinner, Caitlyn's friend, Jenny asked if the Olympian told Kris about being transgender "early on" in their marriage.

"No," Kris replied.

"Oh I did too!" Caitlyn insisted. 

"She keeps saying she told me but she didn't do it," Kris says. "What happened was a conversation in a driveway, he says to me, 'Do you ever want to have more kids?' And I said, 'Oh God no.' So he says, 'Oh either do I, that's like, that's great! And I couldn't have any more kids if I wanted to.'"

Kris then explained how Caitlyn skirted around the issues of her taking a bunch of hormones in the '80s (before they met), but wasn't up front about the fact that she was transitioning into a woman.

"He never said it was estrogen, he never said anything, he just said, 'I took some s--t in the '80s.'" Kris added.

"There was no, 'I am transgender.'"

Watch the video below for Caitlyn's reaction.

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