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Kris Jenner is sending a very strong hint to Kim Kardashian.

We saw how fed up Kris was that her daughter’s family was still living in her house earlier this week in a sneak peak from this Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"I can barely believe that Kim and Kanye are still living with me," she said to camera.

And now she’s making it clear just how badly she wants them out.

In a new clip, Kim confides in her sister Khloe Kardashian at her home.

"Mom’s so f**king annoying," says Kim. "I walk in, and my room is empty."

"All the furniture has been moved out."

She says Kris gave all her stuff to Rob, who has just moved into a new house bought by Kris.

"And Kanye walks in and goes, ‘Okay, it’s very clear she wants us to leave,’" Kim tells Khloe.

"She pretty much kicked our daughter out of her room," she continues, this time speaking to camera.

If you recall from last week’s episode, Khloe was ticked off that Kris enabled Rob by purchasing a home for him after he’d estranged himself from the family for nearly three years.

An aggravated Khloe called her mom "one of the world’s biggest liars" and Kris surprisingly kept her cool.

And in speaking to Kim now, Khloe again calls Kris a liar.

"She just lies and lies and lies," she says after Kim recounts Kris’ claim that the furniture belonged to Rob.

A confrontation with Kris is coming, and we can’t wait to see them go off.

Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online to see how it all plays out.