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It’s been two weeks since Khloe Kardashian confirmed her breakup with James Harden, but the 31-year-old reality star and talk show host has been uncharacteristically coy on the topic of why she and Harden called it quits.

The prevailing theory was that the spilt had something to do with Khloe’s rekindled relationship with Lamar Odom.

While shooting the latest episode of her FYI talk show Kocktails With Khloe, however, Khloe reveals that she kicked Harden to the curb because of his infidelity.

Asked by guest Lisa Rinna why her relationship with Harden "didn’t work," Khloe responds:

"You know, I just don’t want to put up with people that…you want to be monagmous, but then you don’t want to be monogamopus."

In case there was any doubt that she’s referring to Harden, Khloe goes on to provide some telling geographical details:

"It’s long distance…I’ve always said we don’t need to be monogamous. There’s a lot of sh-t going on in both of our lives. I live in Houston, you live in LA."

Khloe claims she wanted to "be realistic," but Harden insisted on a committed relationship – and then cheated on her.

"He wanted that," she tells her guests. "He wanted to be committed, and then – wasn’t committed."

Khloe doesn’t go into specifics about how she caught Harden cheating, but she does add, "I’ve got the receipts to prove it."