Jay Smith: Ashley and I Are Back Together and Banging!

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This week was a whirlwind of news for 90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Martson and Jay Smith.

First, Ashley filed for divorce from Jay earlier this month, only to change her mind this week and withdraw the filing.

Now, Jay shared a steamy video to social media to show that they're very much still together.

Jay Smith on Instagram

Early Friday morning, Jay Smith shared an Instagram video with his followers.

In the video, he is lipsyncing to "Senseless (Remix)" by Stefflon Don & Tory Lanez.

While the song is pleasant and Jay is a good-looking dude, that is not what immediately caught the attention of 90 Day Fiance fans.

Jay's head rests very comfortably on a pair of fair legs.

And, as he is sure to show in the video, the woman on whose legs he is resting is not wearing any pants.

Jay Smith Gloats About Reconciliation

The woman's head and face are not shown during the video, but it's not really a mystery.

Fans and followers alike did not waste much time guessing the leg-bearer who places her hand on Jay's chest.

"100% this is Ashley," writes a 90 Day Fiance fan blog.

"It's friggin Ashley," comments a fan. "She blocked me after I said I would never let him tattoo me because I've seen his work!!"

That hilarious comment concludes: "If she didnt care she wouldn't of blocked me."

We cannot argue with that reasoning.

Jay Smith Brags on Instagram

Another "clue" is the caption that Jay included in his video.

"If you don't like the road you're walking," Jay writes. "Start paving another one."

He tags his caption: "newstart."

It sounds like he and Ashley are giving their relationship a soft reboot and trying things again.

This time, hopefully, without anyone downloading any dating apps.

Jay Smith Smiles

Ashley has not actually confirmed that she and Jay are back together.

In fact, when a fan asked her why she won't give a simple yes or no, her reply said it all.

Ashley wrote "nothing I like more than ..." followed by a photo of a check.

That seems to imply that, as has been rumored, Ashley and Jay have filmed for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Jay's video may crop out Ashley's face for contractual reasons more than anything else.

Still, it's a nice video, and reassuring to the couple's fans.

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

As viewers discovered to their horror on the Season 6 finale of 90 Day Fiance, Jay and Ashley had very ideas of what it means to be married.

Ashley learned that Jay had downloaded a dating app -- Tinder -- within days of their wedding.

She caught him video chatting with another woman three days after the nuptials.

At the Tell All special, Jay shared that he was being totally transparent with Ashley.

She herself shared that she felt torn, because monitoring his electronic behavior felt like being a babysitter, not a wife.

At the same time, she did not simply want to ship him back to Jamaica. She felt responsible.

Clearly, they've given things another shot, and we hope that it works out.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, 90 Day Fiance Tell All Special

Part of what helped the couple reconnect, it appears, was Ashley's battle with lupus that led to her emergency hospitalization with kidney failure.

Jay flew to be by her side, gushing about his feelings for her in a now-deleted post.

In the mean time, Ashley has shared that she is taking a step back from certain aspects of social media.

"Fans, all I ask for is prayers," she wrote on Friday morning. "I will not be sharing much information about my health any longer."

Ashley Martson in the Hospital

"My willingness to overshare came with nothing but scrutiny and backlash," she lamented.

"I need to focus on my health, family, and recovery for that month," Ashley explained.

She concluded: "I appreciate all who support me very much."

Good for her. She should take all of the time that she needs.

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