Irate Christian Rebukes Katy Perry's Dad: Your Daughter Walks with Satan!

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Okay, so…

Katy Perry’s parents are both preachers and the pop star was a gospel singer prior to going in a different direction with her career; one that involves wigs, cleavage and sharks who don't dance well

So that's the background to the following video. But it may not serve as a defense of the woman at the center of it.

Her name is Christine Weick, she’s a dedicated Christian and she has more important things to worry about than whether or not Starbucks hates Jesus Christ.

Like how Katy Perry is a spawn of Satan and how her father ought to be ashamed for allowing his daughter to become such a wicked individual.

Indeed, on November 9, 2015, Weick filmed herself confronting Katy Perry's dad, Keith Hudson, at a radio station in Phoenix, going off on the pastor for his child's supposedly grotesque "ET" music video.

It's safe to say Weick has some BAD BLOOD to spill against Perry... if you know what we mean!

But anyway.

Hudson remains surprisingly calm while being accused if creating The Devil herself, as Weick at one point lashes out at Perry for having "sex with demons."

Which is really more of an insult to John Mayer and Russell Brand, if you think about it.

Along with sharing this video on Facebook (yes, Weick is proud of it), Christine wrote the following message:

What got me so angry was that these 'parents' told the host that Katy is doing well and that they are examples of raising spiritual, godly children.

Katy Perry is one of the most wicked, satanic music artists out there!

The video shows the station manager trying to grab my body camera and force me from the building. I let out my righteous anger today.

Now there's a point on which we can all agree.

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