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Remember Grace VanderWaal?

You’d be forgiven if you did not.

The 12-year old blew away the judges with her initial America’s Got Talent audition, so much so that Simon Cowell referred to her as “the next Taylor Swift,” while Howie Mandell used his Golden Buzzer on the young hopeful.

She played her ukulele and sang an original song at the time.

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Receiving the Golden Buzzer honor meant VanderWaal was sent straight to the live rounds, in which she was then placed in the fourth group of quarterfinalists.

America’s Got Talent then took a break for coverage of the Summer Olympics, which meant VanderWaal had not appeared on the show in well over a month.

But she made us remember why we fell in love almost as soon as she opened her mouth on Tuesday night.

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This time around, Grace sang a track about her older sister, Olivia, who she said was her “best friend."

It was titled “I’ll Hold Your Hand” and it prompted a standing ovation from all four panelists.

"I always believe these shows are about finding potential,” Cowell said in response to the performance. “There’s something so sweet, so charming about you, so real…

"I’m going to predict they’re all going to remember in years to come the moment we saw Grace sing live."

Added Heidi Klum: "You are so very talented… you are one in a million.”

As for Howie Mandel? He may have gone a bit overboard with his praise:

“You are my Golden Buzzer in life. I predict that you’re bigger than Taylor Swift. I predict that you are the biggest star to come out of this show… You are a superstar. America’s gotta vote. You’re the best thing I’ve seen on this show.”

Wow. Did VanderWaal deserve these compliments?

Watch her latest audition and decide for yourself: