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Grace VanderWaal thinks she may be this year’s winner of America’s Got Talent.

Why? Because "miracles can happen," the adorable 12-year old said prior to performing on Tuesday night.

We agree that Grace VanderWaal could be this year’s winner of America’s Got Talent.

But not because God may swoop in and create a miracle. Because she’s really talented!

Photo via NBC

The young hopeful appeared in front of judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown this week, telling the panelists that she was set to perform her very own original song.

She also came ready to play the ukulele, while acting all cute and shy and innocent.

In other words: are we looking at the next Taylor Swift here?

We don’t want to put any undue, early pressure on the young lady, but this performance is incredible.

It’s no wonder that Howie Mandell used his Golden Buzzer on VanderWaall, instantly advancing her to the round of live auditions.

"The world is gonna know your name," Mandell said right before doing so, sending the crowd into a frenzy and Grace into a ball of tears.

Cowell then dropped the name "Taylor Swift" himself.

Has America’s Got Talent found its next star?

Has America in general found its next star? 

Check out this video and decide for yourself, although consider the following SPOILER ALERT:

The answer is yes…