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The cast of Girls has a lot to say about sexual assault, airing their feelings in a new video. 

The footage below includes Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet.

It was created following the Stanford rape case that has dominated social media in recent weeks. 

Brock Turner Picture
Photo via Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Dept

As a quick refresher: Brock Turner was given just a six month sentence for sexually assaulting a drunk woman outside a party last January.

She was unconscious and the incident only came to an end because Turner got caught in the act.

Turner’s father then blamed it on "binge drinking" and called it "20 minutes of action." 

"We may star on Girls together, but that doesn’t mean we always agree," says Kirke early on. 

The video also features the stars making several jibes at each other. 

But it turned serious from there, given the subject matter.

They read out concering facts about from the CDC about sexual assault. 

After that, they showed that even though they have differences, they can still be a strong force. 

"Don’t avoid the hard conversation," pleads Allison. 

They want the world to know that victims can be strong and that people shouldn’t avoid listening to the ordeal. 

"Just being there makes it better," continues Dunham. 

Dunham even commented about it being the first time that four white women are accurately representing something.

She does have a point. A funny one. 

The video is very powerful and you should totally watch it. 

Girls recently concluded Season 5 on HBO, and the final season kicks off early next year. 

The video has gone viral already with the cast receiving a lot of praise for taking a stand. 

Click play!