Farrah Abraham Insults Leo DiCaprio In The Worst Interview EVER

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There are certain interviews that are painful to watch.  Beyond painful.  Excruciating.

And wouldn't you know, this particular one involves Farrah Abraham.

The Teen Mom star attended the 2016 AVM Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last month, where she was hawking her products and granting interviews to privileged reporters.

SLAPTV's Roberto Raad spoke with Abraham, and - bless him - he was a trooper.

It's not clear if Raad recognized Abraham or not, because he asked her about her favorite "set" experience, something he asked other stars at the Expo (and BTW, they were great sports).

"Um, I haven't had a set experience. So, that's funny," Abraham responded awkwardly.

They went back and forth on whether Raad said "set" or "sex," before Abraham clarified who she was and what she doing at the Expo.

"I'm known for a celebrity sex tape. That's what I'm known for, so..." she trailed off.

"Okay, so you are known for a celebrity sex tape, okay," he asked.  "And um, well, who is the celebrity?"


"I am!" Abraham said, shocked that he didn't recognize her (new?) face.

"I think this is probably the worst f**king interview I've even been in," she continued.  "I think maybe you should re-question being an interviewer."

Raad switched gears, hoping to get at least something useful out of Abraham.

Did she think Leonardo DiCaprio was finally going to win Best Actor for his role in The Revenant?

"Okay, so Leo, who is he and why do you believe he will win?" Abraham asked.  "Oh my god, I don't know where or what we are talking about."

Neither do we, Farrah.  Neither do we.  But as someone who's done interviews with talent, being rude to the reporter when they are trying to be as professional and polite as possible is bad form.

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