Farrah Abraham Arrest Video: Reality TV Villain Restrained After Alleged Assault

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Sometimes, people get arrested. Sometimes, those people are famous.

Most of the time, people work to resolve the issue and move on as quickly and quietly as possible.

Farrah Abraham is not like most people, something for which we are thankful every day.

She herself shared this entire 1-minute video of her being restrained.

This video is connected to her arrest on Saturday, January 15.

Farrah was partying with friends (yes, she has them) at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood.

Eventually, a securty guard asked that she leave.

(It's unclear why, but one can easily speculate)

Allegedly, Farrah responded by slapping the man in the face.

Reports say that, initially, Farrah was simply being escorted out and that paramedics were called out of concern for her health.

However, when her extreme belligerence -- according to the story -- resulted in police being called, it turned into an arrest.

Classic Farrah.

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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

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