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If you’ve heard anything about Erin Andrews in the past month, you’d know that she’s likely to be a little sensitive about randos trying to film her.

But that didn’t stop this taxi driver at LAX, who whipped out his camera phone to get some footage of the Dancing With the Stars host rolling her luggage.

Andrews made headlines earlier this month after she won a $55 million lawsuit against Marriott and stalker Michael David Barrett, who surreptitiously filmed her through a peephole in her hotel room.

In this video from TMZ, Andrews maintains her composure as she’s followed by paparazzi and the cab driver, blowing off questions about Von Miller farting too much on DWTS.

"What’s the taxi guy doing?" Andrews asks the pap. "Are you guys paying him?"

She appears to be in good spirits, but when cab captain offers her a car, she makes her discomfort clear.

"I don’t wanna go with him, though," she says, pointing at the driver who was filming her.


Andrews then gets in a taxi with a non-filming cabbie, and the first driver seems nonplussed.

"She don’t like me," he tells the paparazzo.

"She doesn’t like the taxi drivers filming her," explains the pap.

Sorry, dude, your invasion of privacy just cost you a fare.

Watch below: