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It’s been two years since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got married, and the couple still doesn’t have any children.

In 2015, it’s not uncommon for couples to wait to have kids, to not have kids at all, or to adopt later in life.

Still, many people who are approaching or past the age of 30 know that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be hounded by questions about why you’re not procreating like a Duggar.

Fortunately, Chrissy is a badass, and she’s opened up about her own experiences in order to make a point about the issue on the (as yet un-aired) first episode of her The View-style talk show The Fab.

Watch the clip above to see both Chrissy and Tyra Banks get very personal about their reasons for not starting families. It may inspire to give your nosy aunt an earful at Thanksgiving this year.