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You’ll never believe this, but rumor has it that Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez are fighting right now.

Haha, just kidding, you have no trouble at all believing that, do you?

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Because pretty much all these two seem to do is fight and make babies, and seeing as how Kail just had a baby less than two months ago, they’ll probably be fighting for a while.

Sounds like a blast, huh?

Anyway, Kailyn and Chris have been fighting for … well, we’re not sure how long they’ve been fighting because they go back and forth on their feelings for each other so often, but things have been particularly bad this month after he cut their son’s hair without her permission.

Not only did he get the kid a haircut without her knowledge, but it was an absolute hack job, too.

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She was very, very upset, and things only appear to be getting worse.

So much worse that Chris has actually gone and liked an Instagram photo of Briana DeJesus, Kail’s archenemy.

On the surface, that doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but when you think about how much Kailyn and Briana hate each other and how the entire reason their feud began was because Briana started hooking up with another of Kail’s baby daddies …

Well, it’s not good.

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What makes it even less good is that Chris doesn’t even follow Briana on Instagram, so he had to seek out the photo, it’s not like it just came across his feed.

And the cherry on top?

Briana appeared to be topless in her photo.

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Kail has accused Briana of DMing Chris in the past, and although Briana has strongly denied it, it does seem to be a sore spot for Kailyn.

So liking her photo really is interesting, isn’t it?

There’s been a lot of speculation about why Chris liked the photo — if he was just trying to bother Kail, or if he was genuinely trying to make something happen with Briana.

But we don’t have to wonder, because Chris just took the time to explain things in an Instagram Live.

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While he was doing the live video, one of his followers asked him about the whole thing, and in his own defense, Chris said "It was one picture, bro. One picture."

"Are you butthurt about one picture?" he asked. "Oh my god, you need to grow up. You’re like probably 50 worrying about why I liked a picture. That’s what the app is for, guys."

And yeah, that’s technically true, but … come on.

He insisted that he’s not interested in causing drama, and that if he was, "I’d be liking you-know-who’s pictures."

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We’re not sure who "you-know-who" is in this context — maybe Kailyn herself? Maybe Jenelle Evans?

But immediately after saying that he didn’t want drama, he admitted that "At the time I was being petty. I can admit it, at the time I was being petty."

"I was angry," he went on. "It happens. I’m a human."

Then he went right back to his original defense, saying that he just "came across a picture I liked," and that’s all there is to it.

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He obviously thought he was being cute with the whole "all I did was like a picture!" stuff, but we think there’s a lot more truth to the comments about being petty.

We just wonder what exactly got him mad enough to think of this move and then go through with it.

Watch Chris explain his side of the story in the video below: