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Though her husband of 20 years is dying, Celine Dion decided the show must go on. But not without an emotional tribute to her cancer-striken husband Rene Angelil.

In a video tribute during her concert, Angelil is seen waving to the audience.  Sadly, this will likely be the last image of Angelil as he is reportedly in the last stages of his long battle with cancer.

Angelil was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999. In 2013, he underwent an operation that removed part of his tongue.

It was evident his prognosis was worsening, and last August Dion canceled all of her upcoming shows to care for her ailing husband.

When she returned to the stage, Celine updated her performance to include a tribute to her husband.

A source who works for Caesars Palace said, “Her husband is really, really sick, so it’s an amazing thing she’s keeping on performing.”

The source added, “I guess, in a way, it helps her take her mind off it. You can really tell there’s a lot of passion going into each performance.”

Watch the video to see the heartbreaking tribute to Rene Angelil!