Bill Clinton Eulogizes Muhammad Ali

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Thousands and thousands of people touched down in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday to help say goodbye to the most influential athlete of all-time.

They helped say goodbye to Muhammad Ali.

The iconic boxer and humanitarian passed away at the age of 74 early last Saturday morning.

At a memorial service that included a 19-mile long tour of Ali's hometown, celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Will Smith served as pallbearers for the legend.

Later on, good friends such as Billy Crystal, Bryant Gumbel and President Bill Clinton eulogized the late superstar.

The former President of the United States closed the ceremony with a moving speech.

"I can just hear Muhammad saying now, 'Well I thought I should be eulogized by at least one president and by making you the last of a long long long long line I guaranteed you a standing ovation,' " Clinton opened with a laugh. 

Clinton went on to thank Ali's wife of nearly 30 years, Lonnie, for "making the second half of his life greater than the first."

From there, he looked way back on the early stages of Ali's life.

"I think he decided before he could have possibly worked it all out and before fate and time could work their will on him, he decided he would never be disempowered, he decided not his grace nor his place nor the expectations of others would strip from him the power to write his own story...

"He figured out from a very young age who he was and what he believed and how he could live through the consequences of acting in line with his beliefs. Not many people make it to that last step."

Toward the end of his eulogy, Clinton referenced the most memorable times that Ali touched him, fighting off tears and saying:

"[His disease] made his life bigger, not smaller, he may not have been able to run across the ring anymore, he may not have been able to dodge and exhaust everybody, but he was bigger than ever because he was a free man of faith.

"And we should honor him by bringing our gifts to the world as he did."

Watch the full eulogy here:

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