Amber Portwood Threatens Gary Shirley: It's On!

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When Teen Mom OG returns January 4th, you best believe things will escalate.

In a new teaser, Amber Portwood and her fiance, Matt Baier went for a romantic Indian meal, where he fed her some peppers.

Moving on.

While they're eating, a producer comes over to the table and says that Portwood's ex, Gary Shirley is trying to call.

Portwood's phone then rings and she declares she's not putting it on speakerphone.  She and Shirley have a calm conversation about Leah not wanting to go to her house after school.

Portwood said in the beginning of the clip that she was looking forward to finally spending some time with her daughter.

After Portwood hung up, she told Baier that she was so "f--king confused."

The couple discussed how it wasn't like Leah to behave like she was, leading Portwood to wonder if Shirley was feeding Leah "sh--" to make her not want to be around Portwood.

“Something’s going on,” she said to Baier.

“I hope he’s not saying s--t to her. I think he’s getting scared because I said that s--t about custody. If I ever find out he’s saying s--t to her, it’s on.”

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on January 4th.

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