Alaskan Bush People Sneak Peek: Gabe Brown Risks Life and Limb!

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Alaskan Bush People has been destroying Keeping Up With The Kardashians' ratings, and it looks like this new episode will be no different.

In this sneak peek, Gabe Brown takes huge risks as the Browns build a new structure on their property, scaring his siblings half to death.

Noah also comes to visit in the new episode, revealing a serious health problem that required surgery.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

In the video that we've included, viewers can see Gabe standing on a piece of construction equipment and wielding a chainsaw.

"The next step is now Gabe just needs to cut off the top of the poles," Bird Brown explains.

"He’s just going to stand in the bucket of the skid-steer," Bird describes.

She reveals who will be operating this dangerous equipment, adding: "and Rain’s going to raise him up."

It's always reassuring to see a 15-year-old operating heavy machinery.

Alaskan Bush People construction gif 01

"I’m not normally serious," Bird acknowledges. "But right now it is super serious,”

“It is actually pretty dangerous," Bird admits.

"It’s actually the most dangerous things we’ve done on the job."

Bam Bam Brown adds: "That does not look incredibly safe."

His opinion is pretty clear. As you can see in the clip, he's standing a considerable distance away from the action.

Alaskan Bush People construction gif 02

In addition to Gabe risking life and limb (and his baby sister's mental health for the next half-century) to shorten some stilts, this weekend's episode promises another development.

In August, Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha in a small, moving wedding ceremony.

On this weekend's episode, Noah "returns to the pack," as they say, visiting the new family homestead in rural Washington to see his parents.

His presence is reassuring to his father, Billy Brown, who is happy to see him.

His arrival is also a tremendous comfort to Ami, who states that she feels more secure with all of her children around her.

Gabe Brown Defies Death

Noah also makes a startling confession about his health.

During his time away from his family, his body began to become inexplicably bloated.

As it turns out, as is usually the case with a sudden change in body size, there is a medical explanation.

In Noah's case, it was his gall bladder.

He had to have his abnormally large gall bladder removed, and his torso still bears the stretch mark from the sudden gain in weight that his endocrine system foisted upon him. 

Alaskan Bush People construction gif 03

We're sure that some parts of this coming episode of Alaskan Bush People is just theatrics for the camera. That goes with the territory on any reality show.

We have no doubts that Noah's family knew about his gall bladder being removed before he told them on camera and showed off his scar.

And we also know for a fact that Billy Brown's new 435 property could gain a new structure without the children risking it all to build it.

But they're doing this personally, on camera, so that they can keep raking in that reality TV money.

And since Alaskan Bush People is creaming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this hard work and drama is a sound investment in their family's future.

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