Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Zayn Malik...But I Totally Would!

Selena Gomez: I'm NOT Dating Zayn Malik!

Though she's been telling the press every chance she gets, no one wants to believe that Selena Gomez is single.

In addition to the usual Justin Bieber reconciliation rumors, Selena has been linked to a number of male celebs in recent months, and she recently took time to specify that there's one famous dude who she'd definitely make time for.

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One Direction Fans Mourn #6MonthsWithoutZayn

One Direction Fans Mourn #6MonthsWithoutZayn

It may be Friday, and folks around the nation may be enjoying a few rays of sunshine before the weather turns cold, and the Pope may be gracing America with his presence.

But this is still a tragic day for millions of young men and women around the globe.

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