Tony Romo is the all-star starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL ... but so what?!? We're not here to talk football stats, people.

Far more importantly, this player has been romantically linked to Carrie Underwood and Sophia Bush, as well as Britney Spears' cousin Alli Sims.

Oh, and Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson!

Yeah, that means Tony Romo is some kind of player... on and off the field. This has not been without criticism among Dallas fans, who believe Jessica to be some sort of curse, or at least distraction to their stud QB.

A bad loss to the Eagles with Simpson in attendance and then a playoff exit at the hands of the New York Giants only dumped gasoline on this fire.

Whether he and Jessica last or not, we look forward to following the career of Tony Romo in the NFL, as well as the celebrity gossip circuit.